Close Company
Close Company
Close Company

After meeting at OzAsia 2017 Dance Lab Ricky and Alison started talking about possible opportunities for presenting work this led to Alison being invited to create and present a new work on RAW Moves dance company in Singapore in 2018.

‘Close Company' will be an intimate performance experience created for RAW Moves signature shipping container performance space. The choreographic impetus for this work is physical; how two bodies can support each other equally both leaning into and away from one another, this quickly transfers meaning to an emotional closeness, support and intimacy. Co-dependency, imbalance, battle and competition are also present in this shared experience of resistance.

Choreographer / director: Alison Currie        

Dancers: Matthew Goh & Jeryl Lee 

Dramaturg: Nidya Shanthini              

Commissioned by: RAW Moves             

Produced by: Insite Arts and RAW Moves

RAW Moves Artistic Director: Ricky Sim         

Insite Arts Producer: Jason Cross