"Concrete Impermanence is a Slow Burn" by alison currie

Lovely review by Paul Ransom from Dance Informa of our season at Dancehouse during Dance Massive

“What Currie has done with Concrete Impermanence is to channel the inexorable motion of things into the bodies of humans and the fibres of cardboard. All atoms. All in constant flux. All in the process of unbecoming. Yet, in the end, just when you think you’re in a world of quantum gravity, with curved space and all the rest of it, you are returned to the body. To the visceral experience of impermanence.

It’s here that Alisdair Macindoe’s exquisitely textured soundscape makes its mark, switching us from often icy intellectual plains to an almost heartbreaking fragility. Suddenly, it’s not a universe unravelling; it’s love, it’s everything we hold.”

Close Company by alison currie

5 weeks in Singapore to create and premiere a new work with Raw Moves dance company! It has been amazing to work with the company and I’m excited to premiere this week(!) before heading home to Adelaide to do it again one week later at OzAsia Festival ! Discount code for blog post followers to our Adelaide Season is CLOSEOZ hope you can come along

Phone photo from our rehearsals of the amazing Stephanie Rae Yoong and Matthew Goh

Phone photo from our rehearsals of the amazing Stephanie Rae Yoong and Matthew Goh

some tourist time also!

some tourist time also!

Creatures at the Adelaide Dance Festival by alison currie

Adelaide now has a dance festival and The Human Arts Movement and I will be presenting a new interpretation of 'Creatures' in response to Aldo Iacobelli's exhibition 'A Conversation with Jheronimus' currently viewable at the Samstag Museum of Art. By remaking 'Creatures' in response the the exhibition it is in conversation with a conversation and you can also join us after the performance for another conversation - between the artists. 

Image credit  Sam Roberts

Image credit Sam Roberts

The performance takes place 5:30pm Wednesday 11th July at the Samstag Museum of Art bookings:

Concrete Impermanence World Premiere by alison currie

A conversation with Christchurch based presenter Adam Hayward in 2012 started my thinking and concept development of Concrete Impermanence. We had our first studio development in 2014 and the past four years have involved working with a talented team of artists each of whom has added to the strength of the project.

Image credit  Sam Roberts

Image credit Sam Roberts

For the past three weeks performers Amrita Hepi, Lewis Rankin and Stephen Sheehan, sound designer Alisdair Macindoe, lighting designer Matt Adey, creative assistant Carlie Angel, producer Jason Cross and I have been in residence at Restless Dance Theatre studios completing the work ready for premiere this week! 

It has been exciting, challenging and rewarding process to complete this work after four years of thinking, writing and working on it! We look forward premiering in Adelaide on the 17th and 18th of May. Another work I Can Relate is currently screening in the Space Theatre Foyer to coincide with the premiere of Concrete Impermanence at the Adelaide Festival Centre

Image credit  Sam Roberts   dancer  Amrita Hepi  objects  molo  

Image credit Sam Roberts  dancer Amrita Hepi objects molo 

Concrete Impermanence by alison currie

It was exciting to see this in print this week! 'Concrete Impermanence' my current choreographic project and next major work is now on sale as part of the 2018 season at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Image credit Rodeo                     Photo Jessie McKinlay                      Dancer Jessie Oshodi

Image credit Rodeo                     Photo Jessie McKinlay                      Dancer Jessie Oshodi

Huge thanks to everyone involved so far. 

Choreographer and director: Alison Currie

Creative Assistant: Carlie Angel

Dancers: Jessie Oshodi, Lewis Rankin and Stephen Sheehan

Creative Producer: Jason Cross

Sound: Alisdair Macindoe

Lighting Design: Matthew Ade

Set consultation: Stephen Hayter

Design consultation: Morag Cook

Technical sound support: Sascha Budimski

Objects: molo

Produced: Insite Arts

Supported by: LWDance Hub, Arts SA, Australia Council for the Arts

Sisyphean Action at SUE by alison currie

Image credit  Sam Roberts

Image credit Sam Roberts

On the 21st of October 2017 I performed 'Sisyphean Action' on O'Sullivan Beach, South Australia as part of  SUE - Series of Unexpected Events curated by Paul Gazzola for the Onkaparinga City Council  and OSCA.

Image credit  Sam Roberts

Image credit Sam Roberts

We had 30ºC the previous weekend so had planned for a sunny day with a friendly dog walking audience and some beautiful sunset images. The reality was a lot colder 11ºC and more overcast.

Image credit Sam Roberts

Image credit Sam Roberts

 I had some dedicated audience members and some more transient walking audience. Perhaps due to the fact that they were walking quickly past in the cold, I soon realised that in order for my actions to be noticed I needed to perform for longer so chose to work with all four of the rocks at each performance - I had initially planned to increase the rock size throughout the day and only perform with each rock once, so it ended up being a very gruelling day.. see relief below post final rock lift! 

Image credit  Sam Roberts

Image credit Sam Roberts

SUE - Series of Unexpected Events by alison currie

This week SUE - Series of Unexpected Events, curated by Paul Gazzola, opened in the Onkaparinga City Council. It runs from 14th-31st October throughout the Onkaparinga area. 

This weekend I was performing alongside David Cross and Heidi Kenyon, David Cross's work 'Trio'. 

David Cross ' 'Trio' at Port Norlunga Jetty

David Cross' 'Trio' at Port Norlunga Jetty

Tuesday 17th and Tuesday 24th of October I will perform Sara Morawetz's work 'Survey' alongside Carlie Angel. 

Sara Morawetz 's 'Survey' at opening night

Sara Morawetz's 'Survey' at opening night

Saturday 21st of October I will perform my own work 'Sisyphean Action' on O'Sullivan beach near the boat ramp at 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7.15pm

Sisyphean Action - Alison Currie 

Sisyphean Action - Alison Currie 

Some more information about SUE 


Commissioned by the City of Onkaparinga

13 – 31st October 2017

Week one schedule pdf

SUE is a creative festival of performance based interventions. SUE explores how innovative art events within outer suburban locations, spaces not normally associated with contemporary arts practice, can produce fleeting moments of difference, interest and intrigue to daily routines.

SUE explores the curatorial themes of the unexpected, wonder and play to open-up a fluid and playful space for artistic strategies that can surprise, startle and astonish the public through uncommon and extraordinary activities. SUE gathers a group of artists whose practices employ performative, installation & time based outcomes, strategies not normally represented within the City of Onkaparinga public art framework, to create a suite of unexpected interventions across 20 selected sites.

Whist the City of Onkaparinga has recently seen a dramatic increase in the creation of permanent public art works, SUE recognises how the temporality of unexpected performance based interventions can add another creative dimension to public art strategies that explore and celebrate the diversity of culture, community, geography, history and land in the area.

SUE will take place across the 5 wards of the City of Onkaparinga and include the creation of 10 new works by established local and national Australian artists. The diversity of sites will offer the artists and curator alike a fertile space for experimentation and innovation within form, practice and content.

PARTICIPATING SUE ARTISTS: Carlie Angel, Valerie Berry, David Cross, Alison Currie, Nadia Cusimano, James Dodd, Ruby Dolman, Sara Morawetz, Tobiah Booth-Remmers, Henry Jock Walker and Meg Wilson.

Creatures with The Human Arts Movement by alison currie

The Human Arts Movement is an Adelaide-based contemporary dance training and performance collective. I have been working with them throughout the month of September with the following dancers as seen in the image below: Cazna Brass, Rita Bush, Cayleigh Davies, Petra Szabo, Georgia Timperon, Peter Vayne, Kendal Winton, Greta Wyatt.  

The Human Arts Movement - 'Creatures' rehearsal 

The Human Arts Movement - 'Creatures' rehearsal 

Through collaborative task based making, improvisation and taught choreography we have created a short work which will be shown at a work in progress showing on Monday 25th September at Restless Dance Theatre. 

It is rare to work with eight dancers as an independent choreographer in Australia and so all of the ideas I had wanted to explore with a larger group have come up in this process. We began working with patterns and rhythms and with my interest in gradation and the gradual change from one movement to the next.  

The Human Arts Movement - 'Creatures' rehearsal 

The Human Arts Movement - 'Creatures' rehearsal 

The working title 'Creatures' came in part from attempting to fit in the smallest floor space with the dancers and various creature like images which emerged from that point; cell division, evolution, flocks and packs etc. 

An approach to the composition of particular moments in 'Creatures' was taken from a work 'THE MAIN EVENT' that Solon Ulbrich and I co-directed at Adelaide College of the Arts in 2009. 

This work is supported by The Helpmann Academy and Restless Dance Theatre