the substation

'Concrete Impermanence' at The Substation by alison currie

It was an interesting, sometimes painful and ultimately greatly rewarding challenge to perform in 'Concrete Impermanence' at The Substation in Newport, Victoria. Luckily Harrison Ritchie-Jones was brilliant to work with learning Lewis Rankin's role while he is touring with Gravity and Other Myths. It was nice to be on stage with Harrison and Stephen Sheehan and to have Carlie Angel assisting us from the outside. It was a lot of work, but great to know we were able to successfully re-stage it for a different shape and feeling venue. Thanks to Brad Spolding and Rob Sowinski at The Substation for supporting this, Alisdair Macindoe and Matthew Adey for adapting their sound and lighting designs for this space and Andre Vanderwert for operating. It was great to get positive feedback from deaf audience members about Jason Lam's visual representation of sound and wonderful to present work in Naarm / Melbourne for the first time in 10 years! Thank you for the invitation Brad! And the ongoing support of Jason Cross and Insite Arts 
Some images by Sam Roberts and link to a nice review by Grace Lowry below:

ConcreteImpermanence_byAlisonCurrie_ at TheSubstation_Aug2018_013 ac export.jpg
ConcreteImpermanence_byAlisonCurrie_ at TheSubstation_Aug2018_014 ac export .jpg