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Concrete Impermanence World Premiere by alison currie

A conversation with Christchurch based presenter Adam Hayward in 2012 started my thinking and concept development of Concrete Impermanence. We had our first studio development in 2014 and the past four years have involved working with a talented team of artists each of whom has added to the strength of the project.

Image credit  Sam Roberts

Image credit Sam Roberts

For the past three weeks performers Amrita Hepi, Lewis Rankin and Stephen Sheehan, sound designer Alisdair Macindoe, lighting designer Matt Adey, creative assistant Carlie Angel, producer Jason Cross and I have been in residence at Restless Dance Theatre studios completing the work ready for premiere this week! 

It has been exciting, challenging and rewarding process to complete this work after four years of thinking, writing and working on it! We look forward premiering in Adelaide on the 17th and 18th of May. Another work I Can Relate is currently screening in the Space Theatre Foyer to coincide with the premiere of Concrete Impermanence at the Adelaide Festival Centre

Image credit  Sam Roberts   dancer  Amrita Hepi  objects  molo  

Image credit Sam Roberts  dancer Amrita Hepi objects molo 

I Can Relate at Light Moves Festival Ireland by alison currie

The Light Moves 2017 festival is on 31 October - 5 November in Limerick. The program was launched the other night and some of the 24 Frames Per Second films will screen including 'I Can Relate' which I made with Rodeo - Tobin Lush and Sam Chisholm, Carlie Angel, Jason Cross, Alisdair Macindoe, Stephen Hayter , Gemma Stocks and Insite Arts for Carriageworks. Light Moves are even making a new screen for the occasion! Wish I could see it.

I Can Relate - Image credit Rodeo 

I Can Relate - Image credit Rodeo